I get this question all the time. Luckily for me, most of the people I talk to are digital nomads, startup founders, and business owners. Once in a while, however, and especially when I am talking to my own family, people seem to have a hard time understanding what my business and my lifestyle are all about.

This is simple as an employee: people ask you what you do, and you simply explain that you do a certain job, as an employee working for company x. People can relate to that. They understand that you are trained for a particular skill set. They have a good idea of how much you earn and what you can and cannot afford in life. They know your position in society. There’s no mystery. It sounds familiar.

With me, something different. I make most of my money online. I create new businesses. I test new markets. I set new lifestyle goals. I do all of that while moving every few months to another country. I’m not following any set schedule. I can enjoy the beach on a Monday. I have a long lunch and some drinks at 2pm on a Thursday. I hire and fire people online.
Some people see me as this weird guy. There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to how I make my money. And thats before I even try to explain that there is something called “passive income.”

They see me as the weird guy nobody really understands how I make a living. I talk about living in Hawaii for a couple of months while planning the launch of a new project. I avoid certain places as the internet is too slow. I avoid the cold. And thats before I try to explain that there is something such as ‘passive income’.

What I’ve learned over the past years is that those who have the hardest time understanding my lifestyle are the people who are working as an employee, waking up at 6:30  and commuting to the same office every day. They complain about traffic, their income levels, politics, the weather: the usual stuff. They dream about making more money, to be free. To travel more.

Now I keep my intro short. I’m an entrepreneur whose lifestyle is one without any mortgage payments, condo dues, home maintenance fees, property taxes, car payments, auto insurance payments, etc. My life is never boring. I’m free. I constantly learn new things, and I make a lot of money. What do you do for a living?


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