I use pouringpounds.com for all my hotel bookings, car rentals and even Udemy courses. Thanks to this little trick, I easily save 16% or more every time I book online

PouringPounds is a free cashback site. You subscribe in under a minute and can start saving 6 %, up to 7.5% in cash when booking with hotels.com, and even 9% with Expedia. All you have to do is select the website you would like to book on or buy something from, click on the link and proceed as you normally do. 


Let’s say that I’m going to New York for a few days. I login to PouringPounds and select hotels.com on their website. The website will automatically click me trough hotels.com. I can now search for hotels and prices like I’m used to. That’s it. I’ll get my cashback directly on my Paypal account once the cancellation period of my purchase is over.

PouringPounds cash back website

Each booking I make will now give me a cash return of 6% and more, + the 10% discount on hotels.com, or the Genius discount when booking with booking.com. To get the 10% on hotels.com, register for a free account and make sure to login when you book.

PouringPounds.com How Does It Work

Regardless if you travel on a full-time basis or just a few times a year, saving money on your travels without any efforts is worth it, right? Check it out! pouringpounds.com


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