Take your sunscreen, order a caipirinha, head to your pool or beach office, sit under the nearest palm tree and start being creative

Being a digital nomad is all about working online. It allows me to remove any restraints of a typical 9-5 life and fulfill my passion for travel, and hunger for freedom. I’m able to create the lifestyle I want to and where I want to. All I need is a laptop and a reliable Internet connection.

The nomadic lifestyle has continuously thrown me into different situations that arise with travelling and I have quickly learnt to embrace everything as a new experience with some amazing rewards. The internet dropped out in our apartment, looks like the landlord forgot to pay the bill :). Luckily, one of the nice perks working remote is that as long there is internet, you can work whenever and wherever you want.

So here I am, working at Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro for the next days :). Not that bad as an office space, right?


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