New articles about a Digital Nomad lifestyle or “Location Independent Lifestyle” come out every day. It became a fashionable thing to do: sell your house and car and move to the other side of the world. To me it has nothing to do with fashion. It’s about life.

You probably have come across the terms “digital nomad” and “location independent lifestyle.” They both refer to people like me, people who are not hindered by separate geographical locations as far as work is concerned. It really makes no difference where they reside. They could be living in Thailand, Mexico, or London: as long as they have access to an Internet connection, they are good to go.

Being a Digital Nomad is a lifestyle choice. It comes with a lot of amazing advantages, advantages that someone with a 9-5 office life cannot always grasp. Social media showcases this very well. People post their best experiences on social media, the unique experiences and the fun moments. On any given day, however, how many special moments do they have? The lifestyle of a Nomad is generally an endless stream of novelty, bringing you from one experience to the next, enriching your life while you have lots of fun.

Being on the road, and not being limited to a fixed office space, also changed my daily schedule. My breaks do not exist out of moving from my desk to the coffee machine and back. I do not spend my lunches in boring and smelly office canteens. I never have to be in useless office meetings anymore. Heck, I often work all day in my boxers. I go for a swim in a clear blue sea @Tulum or for a short surf in Costa Rica. I can spend my lunch in an outdoor restaurant. Enjoying a beer. Or two. I go for some shopping or Salsa classes in Medellin during the day, and work in the evening. No more traffic jams or packed stores for this guy.

One of the biggest challenges with a Digital Nomad lifestyle is keeping your focus. I’m a big fan of the Pomodoro technique, and I usually follow a schedule of forty minutes work, followed by a five-to-ten-minute break. It sounds like an awful lot of breaks, but I get way more work done compared to the “old-fashioned” office-style of taking pauses. With an app like Tomatoes, I do not even have to bother checking my watch anymore. When the alarm goes off, it’s time for a break. While I used those breaks in the past to check up on social media, the news, or a meaningless chat with a colleague, I now use my breaks to do a short workout, meditate a bit (using apps such as Headspace or Calm), or take in some fresh air.

Being a Digital Nomad also taught me to get rid of the clutter. The things I do not need. The stories I do not want to hear/be involved in. Being on the road and discovering different cultures and habits also showed me what is really valuable for me. I got rid of about 50% of my luggage. I still like sport cars, but do not need one. I doesn’t fit in my luggage.

I know that this lifestyle is not something for everyone. My own article, and about every single article I read, explains the favorable side of traveling around the world, while making money. Some people miss their family and friends back home. They miss the set rythm, the choices which are already made for them, they miss their own sofa and bed.

My personal Digital Nomad Experience? I love it. I always loved traveling. I meet great people- all startup/business owners with a modern, open and international mind. I spend each day of the last year in the most beautiful places. Places lots of people dream about, maybe go on holidays to, once in their lives. I’ve been more creative then ever, while feeling the most relaxed I have ever been.


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