You’ve been taking online iOS courses for a while now. You’ve developed three cellular apps and maybe even published one of them in the App Store. You now want to take your ideas and understanding to the next level and construct real products that humans use and love. You want to launch your company.

In today’s post, four brief pointers which will accelerate your learnings and make launching your business a whole lot easier.


Study the Lean Startup by using Eric Ries
Eric’s book is a source of knowledge I go back to every day, to make product and commercial enterprise decisions. This is a need-to-read for every aspiring entrepreneur at any age. Don’t forget that building a business and a product is an adventure. It’s an extended experience with ups and downs. Get organized to get excited, get irritated, smile, cry. It’s like a roller-coaster, so take your great pals along with you. It will be exciting and interesting. Regardless of what happens, you’ll be happy you took the trip.


Find yourself a great mentor
I think that this is the largest and most crucial recommendation I might give anyone whether he/she is 19 or 60 years old and beginning his or her entrepreneurship journey. In doing this, you may stumble upon many questions, limitations, and dilemmas. The best way to face those is by having someone who has already done so. Questions like when to release, what functions to feature, how to speak with investors, and what to focus on. My recommendation is this: don’t pitch traders and angels to get your money. Pitch entrepreneurs and investors to get their advice and remarks. Build relationships with them and finally locate yourself a private mentor, someone who has been there and achieved that.


Build long-term relationships
A good way to learn about your industry, your products, and most significantly your users is this: you have to build relationships with those who care about your hobbies and aspirations. Visit meetups about Internet improvement, advertising, growth, UX , and entrepreneurship. Get involved in groups like Product Hunt and GrowthHackers. Get to know people there and collaborate! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and write remarks. Go to hackathons! You can go alone and meet human beings there or find some buddies and go as a group. Those activities are the perfect place to meet people who may become your co-founders or mentors, in addition to building and hashing out your thoughts and products with people who can provide you with real feedback and help you to learn and to grow.


Don’t put off constructing and experimenting
Every other recommendation I’d give anyone constructing merchandise is to keep moving forward and building. Developing a product is like an experiment. You want to define your goal or hypothesis, put it into practice, and then analyse and repeat.

When I say building merchandise, I am not simply talking about app development or constructing your company website. This is something you do that is associated with your commercial enterprise. It can be a blog post you write, a status you submit on Facebook or a meeting with a potential consumer. Keep changing, experimenting, and reiterating your code and designs.



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