A Friday post can be a little mellow. So bear with me, put your ‘mellow Friday’ suit on and lets dig deeper into 19 lessons on life.

Socrates has for ages, been a respected figure in Western philosophy. During his life time, the Oracle of Delphi conferred on him the title “Wisest man on earth”. He personally rejected the title, claiming the Oracle was incorrect. In his word, Socrates said: “I know one thing: that I know nothing.”

19 lessons on life

There will be moments of struggle
Rather than running away from them, be ready to take on any struggle that comes your way.
Stop worrying
Almost 86% people start making up scenarios in their heads that most likely will never happen. Stop worrying about the things you can’t control rather than focussing on the things you can.
Fuck worrying.
Stop complaining
Don’t throw away precious time complaining. If you can’t change a situation, then don’t rant about it. Get a life. Don’t bother others with your negativity. Smile.
Don’t play blame games
Things may go wrong, and some things will surely do. Don’t throw blames at people or yourself. Why cry over spilled milk?
Exercise as much as you can
My eternal struggle. Why look for wealth when you don’t have health? If you can’t handle matters relating to your health, it is likely you won’t handle issues life throws at you. There are many things you cannot control, so make sure that the odds are with you.

Risk as much as you can
Don’t stagnate. Don’t be a pussy. Keep pushing.


Take the initiative
Leaders are not born, they are made. Most people around you are clueless on the next step to take in any given situation. And most advice you’ll get from people close to you is worthless. It is time for you to trust your inner guts and take the lead.

There is a lesson to learn each day
Even the smallest experience can be an important one. Take time to learn something new everyday. Read, even if its only 10 minutes a day. Use 10 minutes a day to learn code, a new language,… whatever might interest you.
Have a healthy portion of sarcasm
Sarcasm makes you smarter, more creative.
Sleep & Relax
No matter how much you may cherish your friends or business, take a break every now and then. Even machines have moments when they shut down. You are not one.
You only have one life
Enjoy it.
You can’t explain everything
Even if you are Socrates, you can’t figure everything out. So enjoy life while it lasts.
Be grateful for the little accomplishments in your life
There is nothing wrong with having dreams that reach to the moon. You should even aim higher. But while working on your dream, be grateful with what you have. Enjoy the moment.
If you wake up without goals.
Go back to sleep. Write your goals down. Read them over and over again. Add new goals well before you reached your original goals.
Laugh at yourself
You may fumble and stumble, but that is all part of life. So don’t be too hard on yourself.
No regrets
Your past is like a library you visit occasionally to learn, but never to live in.

Never give up on your dreams. Ever.
People will try to put you down. Sometimes people will give you well-intentioned advice. Sometimes they’ll be jealous and will give you any advise they can to put you down.
Be bold
Saying yes to everyone will not make you happy. You’ll lose track of your goals while helping people who do not deserve your help. Focus on the ones who do.
Do something
Facebook is full of people talking about moving to another country, switching jobs,… They dream out loud and talk about the success they would love to reach or things they want. Only a few really reach what they want in life. You’ll only reach your goal when you take action. Talking about it is not enough. The biggest loser often talks a lot.

Life is a daily lesson, so learn as much as you can. But whatever you do, enjoy the ride!


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