It does not matter if you are always looking for new ideas, or simply looking for that one good idea to start your own business. Whatever it is, start writing down ten new ideas every day. I have done it and it works

In the last month, I came up with over 180 fresh ideas. I already launched two of them. With one becoming profitable within 2 days after the launch. My new habit does not only bring in new ideas, but money as well.

I first came in touch with the idea of building this habit while reading a book by James Altucher. It took me about 2 years though after reading the book to actually bring my new knowledge into practice. I always found a great excuse not to do it. And, it’s damn hard to come up with new ideas on a daily basis. Or so I thought.

Yes, the first days, and maybe weeks will be tough, but you’ll notice that, as with everything, it takes practice to get better. And even in the eventuality that you only get to three ideas a day, you’ll end up with over 1000 ideas a year.

Not bad right? Take a look at some of the other advantages:


Your problem solving skills are sharpened
If you are lying in a bed for a full year, medical therapy will be needed before those legs can walk again. If you don’t stretch your thinking muscle (aka your brain) all the time, it will, at some point, become dormant.


You have so many ideas at your disposal
If you would be consistent with this habit, you would have written a total of 3,650 ideas in a year. Granted, some of these ideas will really be terrible. But there is no way 3,650 ideas will all be bad. And you just need one good idea.


It gives you access to the future
Whenever you find it difficult to come up with fresh ideas, it means your mind has become static. A lot of people fall into the trap of deadening daily routine where they don’t think over what they do and often give up what they wanted to do. It’s very hard to break a routine, training your mind surely helps.


It makes you feel great about yourself
When you consistently keep coming up with fresh ideas, you end up feeling great about yourself. You know you are in charge of your own future and with all these ideas in front of you, whatever happens, you’ll have alternatives.


Stretching your thinking muscles invigorates you mentally
I do not have to get up early. But since I write down ideas, every single day is a new challenge and I’m really looking forward to bringing a new idea into reality. I have extra power and focus.

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming”—SIR RICHARD BRANDON

Lets talk money
Generating ideas everyday empowers you to solve any form of problem, and also come up with life changing ideas. Think a new business or improvement in your current job.
It grants you the freedom you need
You will forever depend on the ideas of other people when you fail to generate yours. Generating your own ideas gives you the freedom to create the life you want.

You take more interest in life
Most times, the motivation behind generating good ideas is trying to find solution to some life challenges. This keeps you on your toes all the time because you are analyzing, evaluating and sharpening your creative edge.


Makes you accept yourself no matter your flaws
If you are one of those people that struggle with perfectionism, then writing down ten different ideas each day can set you free. The exercise transforms you within and without.


Try sticking to this practice for a period of six months, and watch how your life has changed.

In my first month of practicing my new found habit, I came up with 180 fresh ideas. As you see, I did not reach my 10 ideas in the first days. But as with anything, doing something is better than doing nothing and practice makes perfect…



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  1. Hi Giovanni,

    This post is amazing. I always struggle in my search for ideas but I think this really helps. Just jotting down simplest things will lead to a list of great ideas. What ideas do you limit yourself to? Do you only focus on business ideas or just about everything?

    Chee Yang

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